Working in the web for over 10 years now I saw the light of web standards around 2003 and have tried to incorporate this in my approach to designing and building web sites. Currently I work as a Front End developer in San Diego, California. I steadfastly try to incorporate as much web standards goodness into every site I develop. The push for standards in web design will means:

  • Forward Compatibility (Built right the first time)
  • Web sites will be easier to develop and maintain
  • Semantic XHTML (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery) markup can be rendered in any browser ­ including non-traditional clients like mobile phones, PDAs, voice interfaces and screen readers, and anything else that supports the most basic tag set.
  • Reduce Bandwidth Costs
  • Separation of presentation from content.
  • Simplify Maintenance
  • Deliver sophisticated printed versions
  • Comply with accessibility laws and guidelines